The Impact Of Workplace Attire On Employee Self-Perceptions

职场着装的影响对员工的自我认知 注:没有中文版本,只有英文版本
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Abstract: This study examined employee preferences for different styles of workplace attire and how wearing various styles of clothing affected their self-perceptions. Respondents felt most authoritative, trustworthy, and competent when wearing formal business attire but friendliest when wearing casual or business casual attire. Significant two-way interactions were found between dress preference and mode of dress worn on self-perceptions of productivity, trustworthiness, creativity, and friendliness. Suggestions for future research and implications for HRD professionals are proposed.
翻译后摘要: 本研究旨在探讨不同风格的职场装束和员工的偏好,影响了他们的自我认知,如何穿着不同款式的服装。受访者认为最有权威的,可信赖的,主管时穿着正式的商务着装,但友好的时候,穿休闲或商务休闲装。之间存在显着的双向互动的礼服,戴在自我认知的生产力,诚信,创意,友好的的着装喜好和模式。未来的研究和对人力资源开发的专业人士提出的建议。
Year: 2007
Source: Human Resource Development Quarterly
Volume-OnPage: Volume 18 Issue 3  345-360
Publication Date: Autumn (Fall) 2007


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