Analysis Of Rough Line Contacts Operating Under Mixed Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Conditions

粗糙的线接触混合弹流润滑条件下运行分析 注:没有中文版本,只有英文版本
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Abstract: Heavily loaded machine elements, such as gears, usually operate in the mixed lubrication regime. Surface roughness has a significant effect on the pressure distribution, the subsurface stress field, and the friction coefficient. Based on the superposition of a dry rough and a fully flooded smooth contact, a mixed lubrication model has been developed. The roughness profile is assumed to be known. Surface deformation is calculated by taking into account the pressure distribution that is built up by asperity contacts, asperity interactions, and lubricant flow. Thermal and sliding effects are incorporated into the analysis. Non-Newtonian lubricant behaviour is considered by using a power-law rheological model. The pressure distribution, subsurface stress field, and friction coefficient were calculated from the model at several points along the contact path for an FZG type C gear pair. It was shown that a significant part of the load is carried by the contacting asperities. The position of the maximum shear stress is very close to the surface.
翻译后摘要: 重仓的机械零件,如齿轮,通常在混合润滑状态。表面粗糙度有一个显着的影响的压力分布,地下的应力场,并且摩擦系数。基于上叠加的干燥粗糙,完全淹没的平滑接触,混合润滑模型已经研制成功。粗糙度轮廓被假设为已知。表面变形计算通过考虑建立由凹凸接触,凹凸的相互作用,以及润滑剂流动的压力分布。的热学和滑动的影响纳入分析。非牛顿流体润滑剂的行为被认为是用幂律流变模型。的压力分布,地下应力场,和摩擦系数,计算从模型沿接触路径FZG C型齿轮对在几个点。结果表明,一个显着的部分的负载进行接触凹凸。的最大剪切应力的位置是非常接近的表面。
Year: 2006
Source: Lubrication Science
Volume-OnPage: Volume 16 Issue 2  153-168
Publication Date: February 2004
Keyword: mixed EHL;asperity pressure distribution;subsurfac


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